Treatment Management and Clinical Supervision.

At Kala Adeona we value continuous professional learning and development. We recognise that this is important to us as individuals and as organisations. 

The ability to ensure that we maintain professional standards, support our staff and volunteers in providing services while reviewing opportunities for change can be both exciting and daunting. Management, supervision and staffing support structures and processes are key to maintaining a healthy and successful organisation. Our aim is to provide you with the appropriate services and support in maintaining, developing and sustaining your services.

We offer a range of management and supervision approaches to suit your organisation. We ensure that any provision is tailored to your needs. 

Our range of Management & Supervision offer includes:

Preparing to achieve standards
Treatment Management
Clinical or Practice Supervision
Peer review

Our team are experienced in supporting others to reach their goals, whatever they may be. Years of working to standards set by various governing bodies means we can provide one off or regular support for organisations working to achieve accreditation, pass competencies or for ongoing development. 

Clinical supervision and treatment management enable staff to manage the personal and emotional impact of their practice and help ensure that people using services receive high quality support. Kala Adeona's tailored provision enables you to take a proactive positive approach to staff and service user wellbeing appropriate to your organisational needs, standards and ethos.

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